Friday, March 11, 2011

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Breaded "cheezie" Zucchini

We are back!
Sorry for the erratic posting of late. The last few months we have been busy with planning a trip to India (was a wonderful interesting experience). Now we have no excuses, so here we go again, updating our blog.

Last night Julie made a wonderful stuffed portobello mushroom (stuffed with quinoa, lentils, onions, cashews and Diaya cheese (vegan of course). On the side was eggplant, zucchini, and red peppers, covered in Diaya cheese.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homemade Indian Chickpeas

Last night Julie made her best Indian dish ever. The chickpeas tasted very authentic (we have had issues making our Indian food actually taste Indian).
Side of whole grain rice and crispy broccoli.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Julie's Niece's 6th B-Day Cake

On January 2nd, Julie's niece turned 6, and we made a wonderful vegan chocolate cake with fruits on top. It was really good.

Eggplant + Chickpea Casserole

A few nights back in Montreal, Julie made a wonderful Eggplant and chickpea casserole with Diaya cheese and zucchini.

ChuChi - Vegetarian Restaurant - Montreal

At the end of December, when we were in Montreal, we headed out to ChuChi, a vegetarian restaurant. This was our first visit, and I would recommend anyone to check it out.

Its hard to remember what each of these dishes were, but here i go anyhow:

Sumosas filled with potatoes and veggies
Bok Choy:
Cooked in some delicious sauce
Veggie "duck":
It wasnt too "fake meat" (unless you like that kind of thing)... pretty tasty.

Tofu with Basil and Peppers:
OMG this was great. My favourite dish of them all.

Christmas Dinner @ Julie's Family

For Christmas Dinner in Montreal, we had:

Vegan Lasagna (Diaya cheese, pasta, tofu, broccoli) = yummy

String Beans, sweet potato mash, mash potatoes, vegan stuffing, potato salad, and tofu balls (marinated). Really tasty food made by non-vegans!

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Conrad's Family

Christmas Eve dinner was wonderful. All vegan, all tasty... ate too much... way too much.

Potato salad:
Potatoes, red onion, corn, green peas, cilantro, and veganaise.

Marinated (dont remember in what) and baked.

With portobello mushrooms and onions

Sweet Potatoes:
Seasoned and baked

Beet soup with perogies

Black olives, artichoke, red/yellow peppers, onions.

Roles filled with cabbage and mushrooms inside.

and Garlic Bread

Custard Pie Goodness

Happy New Year Everyone!

We have been away, so theres lots of new things to post from the last few weeks.

Starting off (from Christmas Eve)

This vegan custard pie was AMAZING. Home made crust; custard made out of coconut milk; topped with fresh fruits.