Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Gluten Free + Vegan Baked Store

A couple days ago a new store opened up in the neighborhood (to close for our own good). Its called Bunners (Bunners.ca ) and they sell SUPER tasty vegan gluten free baked goods. We came to try out an assortment of their treats on their very first morning... however we ate most of what we bought before we thought to take a picture and post it here on our blog.

What we ate (sorry no pictures)
"Gypsy Cookie" = amazing
"Red Velvet Cupcake" = amazing (their cream is awesome)
"Apple/Cinnamon Muffin" = really good
"Chocolate Cookie Cream Sandwich" (as seen above in the picture, and yes the picture was taken in our car, because it didnt survive the trip home) = OMG amazing.

(yes we indulged ourselves... ahem... dont judge)

Check these people out if you want something tasty.
If anyone thinks that vegan baked goods suck, they couldnt be more wrong... we know where all the great vegan baked goods are to be found in Toronto.

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