Sunday, March 28, 2010

Out Again - Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant

Julie and I decided to go out to our favourite vegetarian restaurant tonight, as they are going on vacation for 2 weeks, and so we needed to get our fix before they leave.
We had a massive plate of curry noodles with tofu and mushrooms, with crunchy broccoli and tofu on the side. We had something called "imitation duck" for an appetizer, which is really only sheet tofu fried. The appetizer, the curry dish, the extra side of veggies and tofu, + the tip = $13 canadian (this one dish is more then enough for both of us, and im a 6 foot 4 inch, 200lb guy). THATS why we love this place. To top it off, we almost never finish and so we got to take some home for tomorrows lunch!

If you ever get the chance to come to Toronto, check this place out. Its in Chinatown, looks pretty crummy (no decorations, old tables... looks actually pretty bleak, however super busy, very nice people, and cheap($) abundant food.

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